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A legacy born out of necessity and a journey wrought with wisdom, hard work, and determination to make a difference in the lives of those around it.

The legacy of Jerome Increase Case began in 1842 when he set in motion updating the current thresher of his day and separated the straw from the grain. With the needs of one man, a legacy of excellence was born. From the first steam engine tractor to the first self-propelled traction steam engine, the future was instilled in his heart, along with meeting the needs of an industry that was ages old. Fast forward to today, and you still have a company transformed by time and aspiration for excellence, and you have Case-IH. Case-IH products not only bring you updates, but new and upcoming innovations that will bring your children and grandchildren far ahead of the industry in their days to come. Quality, Strength, and Determination are what Case-IH is built with. Every product is made with pride in those values.