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Kubota TE8511T

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Large Working Widths
The TE6583T and TE8511T offer wide working widths of 27'3" and 36"1' respectively. Due to their trailed design, they are still ideal for lower horsepower tractors, which minimizes compaction and operating costs. Certainly a great advantage in times of escalating fuel prices.

Pin-Hitch or Drawbar Attachment
Both TE6583T and TE8511T offer the unique option of either pin0hitch or drawbar attachment. You simply refit a pin for continental pin-hitch attachment or linkage drawbar attachment.

Each Kubota tedder model is fitted with a maintenance-free oil-immersed gearbox, for extreme durability and stability. The ball bearings are life span lubricated. This absolutely maintenance-free housing guarantees maximum durability.

Super-C Tine
The symmetric Kubota Super-C tines efficiently pick up the crop and turn it, allowing for a very efficient crop flow. The crop is spread evenly and thrown over a wide distance, which ensures that the wet crop is placed on top of dry crop. These tines are made of 0.39" shot-peened spring steel. Our spring coil diameter has a 20% larger diameter than conventional designs. This increases each tine service life, even when tedding large quantities of crop.

Strong Chassis Design
All Kubota tedders are built around a rugged, CNC bend, box chassis made out of one piece of metal with only one welding seam - for maximum rigidity. The chassis design is fully enclosed at the top edge for maximum strength.

Easy Transport
Kubota's TE6583T and TE8511T are both easily converted from working to transport position. Wheels are fixed during transport, ensuring very smooth and stable running. The rotor wheels have been upgraded to 18.0" to ensure stability during both transport and working positions. Both models are approved for 25 mph.


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