KTAC Equipment

Protect your Kubota against accidental damage, collision, fire, glass breakage, roll-over, theft, weather, vandalism, and more!

Kubota Tractor Acceptance Corporation is a Kubota-Endorsed Property Damage Insurance Agency offering superior protection to Kubota equipment owners.

Since their founding in 2007, over 1 million pieces of equipment have been covered through KTAC Insurance Agency. Their number of loyal customers has increased significantly due to their competitive rates, understanding of the Kubota line of products, and first-rate service. KTAC Insurance Agency provides the same quality, innovation, and value customers expect from Kubota.

Benefits Include:

  • Broader protection than most homeowner policies
  • Low $250 deductible
  • Competitive rates
  • Convenient payment options


This valuable Kubota-Endorsed Property Damage Insurance Policy is underwritten and issued by Ohio Indemnity Company, Columbus OH.

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