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Kubota M5140

Kubota M5140

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Kubota M5140



E-TVCS Engine
The M5140 tractor’s E-TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) indirect injection diesel engine provide greater power and torque with low noise and vibration.

Interim Tier IV and Tier III Emission Regulations
The new and cleaner engines of the Kubota M-Series tractors comply with Interim Tier IV and Tier III EPA-emission regulations.

F8/R8 Transmission
Synchronized four speeds of the main shift and high/low range supply tractors with 8 Forward and 8 Reverse Speeds. The main shift allows you to shift "on the fly" making operation smooth. Tailor this operation to your needs by choosing from a hydraulic or synchronized shuttle transmission. 

Easy to shift 4WD Engagement
Switching the 4-wheel drive on and off is easy and quick, and done with one simple lever. Best of all, there’s no need to stop the tractor even when moving out of a field onto a road, so you can stay productive. The 4WD indicator on the LCD readout lets you know you’re in 4WD. (Do not engage while carrying heavy loads, or when rear wheel is spinning).

Low Noise and Low Vibration
To help reduce operator fatigue and stress, the V2403-T and V3307-DI-T have been specially designed to minimize noise and vibration. This is accomplished through several innovative technologies.

Control Lever Location
All levers are on the right side console for easy access (except 4WD lever).

Heater/Air Conditioner
The heating and cooling unit is now located under the seat. The overall air circulation in the cab has been optimized by the cab’s rounded glass as well as by placing the air outlets in the dash tower to keep you cooler on hot summer days and warmer on cold mornings, for year around environment control.

Front Wiper
To increase visibility on rainy days and to increase operator safety, the M-Series has a pantograph style front wiper. The unique design of this wiper gives it a wider coverage area.

Rounded Glass
We’ve rounded the cab glass of our M-Series tractors increasing the length of the cab by 2 inches and the width by 6.3 inches. This change provides the operator with more visibility and a more spacious feel- ideal for long days inside the cab. Furthermore, we’ve increased the glass coverage area on the cab door, which makes it easier to get in and out of the cab.

Wide Fenders
Wider and rounded fenders protect the operator from mud splashes and are equipped with large handles on both sides for easy mounting and dismounting.

Halogen Headlights
The M-Series now comes with halogen lights with a corner lamp. These lights are not only more efficient, they also provide more illumination from dusk to dawn.

LCD Readout
A new LCD readout makes viewing vital functions of your M-Series tractor clear and easy. View travel speed, PTO revolution and hour meter information digitally. LED illumination type analog indicators include a large tachometer, temperature gauge and fuel gauge. A battery warning light and a 4WD indicator have also been added to the M-Series.

Improved Steering Wheel and Column Design
The tilt steering column of the new M-Series boasts a couple new features. Designed to accommodate operators of many different sizes, the wheel and shuttle lever tilt together. To complement this feature, an easy-to-use foot pedal has also been added.

Corner Exhaust Pipe (CAB)
The exhaust pipe on the M-Series has been repositioned along the right side of the cab providing the operator with a clear and unobstructed field of view.

Re-Engineered Seats (CAB)
Cab models feature a deluxe tilt-back seat with back-and-headrest, angle-adjustable armrests and retractable seatbelt as standard for optimum comfort and safety.

Re-Engineered Seats (ROPS)
Reclining, weight-adjusted seats are standard equipment on all M-Series models.

Full Flat Deck (CAB)
Semi-Flat Deck (ROPS)

When operating a tractor, space comes at a premium. The M-Series flat deck neatly repositions most of the operational levers, including main shift and range lever, auxiliary control lever, hand-throttle, position draft control lever and PTO clutch lever, to the right of the seat. This offers the operator more legroom and far more comfort.


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