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Kubota M7040 Narrow

Kubota M7040 Narrow

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Kubota M7040 Narrow



Center-direct Injection Engine (E-CDIS)
The M7040 and M8540 narrow tractors are equipped with Kubota’s revolutionary center-direct injection system engines. The E-CDIS engine offers a rare combination of more power, optimum durability and greater efficiency. It provides you with what you need to get the job done quicker, while still minding your budget. These engines also boast lower noise levels, which equate to less stress and fatigue, especially after a long day on the tractor.

F8/R8 or F10/R10 (M8540HDNBC10 only) Transmission and Automatic 4-wheel Braking
The Hydraulic Shuttle transmission is designed to keep you moving and productive with synchronized four speeds (F8/R8) or five speeds (F10/R10) of the main shift and a high/low range. The main shift also allows you to shift “on the fly” for smooth operation. The 4-wheel drive works together with our mechanical wet disc brake system to offer safe and effortless stops automatically. When traveling in 2WD, and both brakes are applied, 4WD instantly engages for 4 wheel braking power.

Bevel Gear Front-Wheel Drive with Bi-Speed Turn
Kubota’s exclusive Bi-Speed Turn feature rotates the front wheels at a rate of speed nearly twice that of the rear wheels whenever the front wheels exceed a turning angle of about 30 degrees. The result is a smoother, tighter turn, allowing you to turn into an adjacent crop row on your first attempt. This feature also helps to significantly reduce surface damage. For safety, the Bi-Speed turn feature is automatically cancelled when traveling at higher speeds.

Compact and Narrow Construction (Narrow Cab)
Kubota has engineered these models specifically for those who work in vineyards, orchards or anywhere else that might require a narrow and compact tractor with M-Series power. With an overall width of just 48” with standard tires, you can work almost anywhere. To further ensure that these machines go where you want them, we’ve also rounded the standard fenders, placed the ROPS in the middle of the tractor, included standard foldable hazard lights and made certain that the operating levers are positioned so as not to interfere with low branches.

Innovative Kubota Narrow Cab
All of the narrow cab models feature an air-conditioned cab that keeps the operator comfortable while on the job. It provides ample head clearance for maximum visibility, and offers protection from heavy weather, branches, insects and more.

Air Conditioner/Heater
Whether you’re trying to beat the heat on a hot summer day, or stay cozy during the chill of winter, the deluxe air conditioner/ heater puts you in charge of the climate. This advanced system maximizes airflow and optimizes cooling, heating, and air ventilation to help you work comfortably year-round, in any temperature.

Increased Capability*
The high capacity 16.1 GPM(61L) pump offers impressive hydraulic power output to support a wider variety of specialized orchard and vineyard implements therefore accomplishing more work, in shorter time.

*M8540 Narrow Cab with 10-Speed only.


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