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Kubota M96SHDM Mudder

Kubota M96SHDM Mudder

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Kubota M96SHDM Mudder



Kubota Diesel Engine
Put the M96SHDM into gear and you’ll immediately feel the power of this 95 net horsepower engine. You’ll notice it in all applications, but especially when pulling heavy loads. The M96SHDM’s engine also boasts an output of 84 PTO horsepower, low fuel consumption, and Kubota reliability.

Ground Clearance
By using a rear drop axle and same size, large diameter tires, the front axle clearance is 30.3 in. (770 mm), giving you ample clearance to help lessen potential crop damage. Tire tread options range from narrow (61.6 in.) to wide (79.7 in.), with three more tread variations in between.

Swing Shift With Creep
"Swing Shift" with creep speeds give you access to a total of 24 speeds! The synchronized main shift's "H" pattern provides the first 4 speeds. Swing Shift adds four more speeds by actuating the electric-over-hydraulic high/low synchronized range shift, giving you access to a total of 8 speeds, all controlled by a single lever. If a task requires more than 8 speeds, move the auxiliary range lever on the left of the seat to gain access to 16 more speeds, including 8 creep speeds.

Hydraulic Shuttle Shift
Mounted to the left of the steering column, the shuttle lever’s fingertip control makes it possible to shift smoothly from forward to reverse without using the clutch or stopping the tractor.

Multiple Wet-disc Main Clutch
Our multiple wet-disc main clutch operates smoothly and reliably and offers greater durability.

Hydraulic Wet Disk Brakes
To decrease operator effort and increase overall tractor longevity, the Kubota M96SHDM now come standard with Hydraulic Wet Disk Brakes. These brakes requires less pedal effort and retain high performance efficiency even after repeated heavy-duty work.

Wide Fenders
Wider and rounded steel fenders protect the operator from mud splashes and are equipped with large handles on both sides for easy mounting and dismounting.

Slanted Full-Open Hood
The slant-nosed, full-open hood design makes maintenance easier. The one-piece hood’s dual-gas-shock assist makes it easy to lift.

Halogen Headlights
The M96SHDM now comes with halogen lights with a corner lamp. These lights are not only more efficient; they also provide more illumination from dusk to dawn.

Instrument Panel With LCD Readout
The new instrument panel makes viewing the vital functions of the tractor clear and easy. The LCD readout displays travel speed, PTO revolutions and hour meter information digitally. Illuminated analog indicators include a large tachometer, temperature gauge and fuel gauge. A battery warning light helps prevent surprise battery failures, and indicator lights show 4WD engagement, PTO and oil pressure indications.

Improved Steering Wheel and Column Design
The tilt steering column of the new M96SHDM boasts a couple new features. Designed to accommodate operators of many different sizes, the wheel and shuttle lever tilt together. To complement this feature, an easy-to-use foot pedal has also been added.

Flat Deck
The large, ISO-mounted flat deck provides plenty of legroom and a wider step area for easier mounting and 
dismounting. The widely spaced fenders create plenty of room for the operator to work in comfort.

Tire Options
To enable the M96SHDM to perform at its best, we offer 13.6-38 Bias R1, 230/95R48 (9.5 R48) and 12.4 R46 R1W Radial tires as options.

Hydraulic Independent PTO
The hydraulic PTO clutch allows you to engage the implement drive system smoothly, which helps reduce operator fatigue. And because the PTO is independent, you don’t have to stop the tractor to engage or disengage the PTO, saving you time when operating implements.

3-point Hitch
The Category II 3-point hitch accepts a variety of rear-mounted implements. The hitch's telescopic stabilizers and lower link ends simplify hook-up and adjustments. The hitch has a capacity of 4630 lbs. (2100 kg). Optional dual assist cylinders raise the capacity to 7490 lbs. (3400 kg).

Floating Lift Rods
Floating lift rods are standard on both sides of the M96SHDM. They give this tractor a smoother ride and 
enhanced traction while using the 3-point hitch, especially on uneven terrain.

Telescopic Lower Link Ends
The telescopic lower link ends are standard. They facilitate easy implement attachment.

Bevel-Gear Front Axle
The bevel-gear front axle provides the M96SHDM with greater all-around maneuverability. This makes easy work of jobs in tight spaces. The front-axle oscillating angle is also 20% greater offering increased stability on uneven terrain. Limited Slip Differential on the front and Differential Lock on the rear are standard features, offering increased stability and traction on challenging ground conditions.


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