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Kubota WG14-36

Kubota WG14-36

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Kubota WG14-36



Engine (Kawasaki® FS481V)
• V-Twin overhead valve design
• Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeves
• Pleated Style Air Filter
• The FS-series provide higher compression ratio from the unique overhead valve design, improving performance and reliability. The V-twin design also reduces engine vibration and noise. The pleated air cleaner keeps debris from entering the intake and combustion chamber, increasing the walk-behind mower series uptime.

Transmission (WG14-36)
• Five forward speeds and a reverse assist.
• The transmission is conveniently located at the rear of the machine, which enables the operator to operate the drive system and select the proper ground speed for their walking and turf conditions.
• Proper operation of the transmission and drive system will ensure increased uptime.

Heavy Duty Spindles and Wheel Bearings
• Spindles and wheel bearings are designed for no maintenance.
• Sealed bearing prevents premature wear due to debris or lack of grease.
• Heavy duty bearings lower maintenance costs.

Discharge System
• Flexible molded polymer discharge chute.
• The discharge chute’s structure disperses the clipping’s in a wider, higher angle.
• The discharge chute’s design creates less clumping of the clippings which keeps the grass healthier, and prevents the clippings from killing the grass.

Cut Height Adjustment
Deck Leveling
• Deck has a slight upward tilt
• Leveling is accomplished by adjusting spacers on front casters.
• The angle of attack created by proper deck leveling allows for the machine to operate at maximum efficiency.
• Deck leveling should be checked periodically.

Pistol Grip Style Controls
• Forward facing grips to make operator as comfortable as possible.
• Adjustable height controls allow for various height operators.

Warner Mag Stop Electric Clutch
• Heavy duty Clutch.
• Higher torque rating to prevent slippage and improve belt life.

High-Lift and Low-Lift Blade Options
• Multiple blade options are available for various cutting conditions.


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