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New Holland TS6.110

New Holland TS6.110

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New Holland TS6.110




TS6 tractors are Standard tractors are rugged, comfortable and flexible. The fact they are affordable is an added bonus.


Tier 4B engines provide more horsepower and torque than previous models while reducing emissions and fuel use.


Both the VisionsView™ cab and open, flat-deck platform give you plenty of room and operating ease.


The TS6.120 High-Clearance tractor nimbly maneuvers down rows of vegetable and specialty crops.


Model TS6.110
Engine type 4 cylinder, 16 valve, high pressure common rail, air-to-air intercooled turbo diesel 
Engine Make / Model Fiat Powertrain Industrial / FPT NEF
Engine Displacement [cu in (L)] 274 (4.5)
Rated Engine Horsepower @ 2200 RPM 110
Rated PTO Horsepower 90
Emissions Certification Tier 4B/Final
Fuel Tank Capacity gal. (l) 57.5 (217.6)
DEF (AdBlue®) Tank Capacity gal. (l) 7.9 (30)
Electrical System  
Alternator amps 120
Battery 12 volt w/950 CCA
Base Transmission 8x8 synchronized hydraulic shuttle w/left hand shuttle
Optional Transmission 8x8 synchronized mechanical shuttle w/left hand shuttle
Premium Transmission 16x8 dual power synchronized hydraulic shuttle w/left hand shuttle (not available on high clearance)
Creeper Option 10:1 gear ratio
Rear PTO & 3-Point Hitch  
PTO (rpm) 540/1000
3-Point Hitch Category II w/flex link ends
Base 3-Point Hitch ASAE Lift Capacity [lbs (kg)] 3735 (1693)
Option 3-pt. ASAE Lift Capacity [lbs (kg)] 5499 (2499
Option 2 3-pt. ASAE Lift Capacity [lbs (kg)] 7326 (3323)
Hydraulic System  
System Type Fixed displacement pumps (steering, implement, aux) with combining/diverter valve
Hydraulic Implement Pump Flow [gpm (l/m)] 13 (49)
Optional Auxiliary Hydraulic Pump [gpm (l/m)] 9 (34)
Rear hydraulic remote valves* Deluxe closed center with flow control and quick connect couplers
Front 4WD adjustable tread width in. (mm) 61.4 (1,560) to 88.8 (2256)
Front std. 2WD adjustable tread width in. (mm) 56 (1432) to 80 (2028)
Front HD 2WD adjustable tread width in. (mm) 60 (1524) to 84 (2134)
Rear flange axle adjustable tread width in. (mm) 64 (1620) to 80 (2028)
Rear bar axle adjustable tread width in. (mm) 60 (1524) to 80 (2028)
Rear axle type -
Front 4WD adjustable tread width in. (mm) -
Rear 4WD adjustable tread width in. (mm) -
Ground clearance** (lowest part of front axle) in. (mm) -
Weight (shipping, 4WD, cab, flange axle) lbs. (kg) 11,200 (5080)
Weight (shipping, 4WD, cab, bar axle) lbs. (kg) 12,192 (5530)
Weight (shipping, 2WD, cab) lbs. (kg) 9,921 (4500)
Weight (shipping, 4WD, ROPS, flange axle) lbs. (kg) 10,362 (4700)
Weight (shipping, 4WD, ROPS, bar axle) lbs. (kg) 11,002 (4990)
Max. tractor weight (G.V.W.), Cab, 4WD lbs. (kg) 17,196 (7800)
Wheel base 4WD (Std. Duty Class 3) in. (mm) 99.2 (2520)
Wheel base 4WD (HD Class 3) in. (mm) -
Wheel base 2WD standard duty (6 bolt hub) in. (mm) 100.4 (2550)
Wheel base 2WD heavy duty (8 bolt hub) in. (mm) 95.8 (2432)
Overall length 4WD w/ front weights in. (mm) 184.7 (4690)
Overall length 2WD w/ front weights in. (mm) 184.5 (4687)
Height to top of cab in. (mm) 110.2 (2800)
Height to top of ROPS in. (mm) 117.3 (2980)
Height to top of exhaust in. (mm) 109.8 (2790)
Available Offering Configurations  
Available Offering Configurations 2WD, 4WD, Cab or ROPS, in Value and Plus packages, High-Clearance (TS6.120 only)