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Unverferth Bulk Handling Conveyors

Our selection of different bulk handling conveyors offers gentle seed handling solutions for all sorts of operations.

The box conveyor's 8" wide cleated belt is cupped inside a 6" steel tube for superior seed cushioning as the seeds are moved from the gravity box to the planter or drill. This bulk handling conveyor's speed can reach up to 10 bushels or 12 units per minute depending on speed type and the operating speed, which is easily adjustable. The belt design is specialized to keep seed moving quickly in a safe, gentle manner. A powder coat finish and sturdy steel construction allow it to stand the test of time.  

The CCS drill and planter fill conveyor offer innovative designs for better planting efficiency. Move bag or bulk seed from ground-level hoppers easily without Constantly Climbing Stairs. Convenient on/off controls allow one person to easily fill the seedbox from the ground or planter platform. Seed can be moved at 10 bushels per minute for fast filling. 

The Unverferth portable pull-type bulk handling conveyor is both quick and gentle. It features 2" vulcanized cleats spaced 9" apart on a 12" PVS belt inside the 8" tube, which is great for carrying large amounts of seed at low operating speed to minimize seed damage. These portable conveyors can move up to 34 bushels per minute and are made with heavy-duty steel and an 8-foot base for stability. 

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