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Kubota Sidekick

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0% A.P.R. for up to 48 Months on your new Sidekick!


The Kubota Sidekick is setting new standards in the multipurpose utility vehicle segment. But that doesn't stop these vehicles from being exceptionally powerful, with 1,000 lbs. of cargo capacity* and with up to 2,000 lbs. of towing capacity*. Whether you're looking for power or comfort, the RTV-XG Series is the one for you.
*Outside of California

Now through June 30th, take advantage of low interest rate offers!

  • 0% A.P.R. for 48  Months with 0% Down* OR
  • 0.99% A.P.R. for 60  Months with 0% Down* OR
  • 2.99% A.P.R. for 72 Months with 0% Down*


* Listed series installment credit program not available for Rental, National Accounts or Governmental Customers. For eligibility, customer must pay a percentage of sales price, fees, and taxes per the table below. Subject to amount financed. See Length of Repayment by Amount Financed chart below. Only Kubota and Kubota performance-matched Allied equipment are eligible. Inclusion of ineligible equipment may result in a higher blended A.P.R. Stand Alone Kubota or Allied implements and attachments/accessories are subject to stand alone programs below. Financing is available through Kubota Credit Corporation, U.S.A.; subject to credit approval. Some exceptions apply. Offer expires 6/30/2019. 

Length of Repayment by Amount Financed

Maximum TermA.P.R.Down PaymentExample Monthly Payments per $1,000 Financed
24 Months 0.00% 0% $41.67
36 Months 0.00% 0% $27.78
48 Months 0.00% 0% $20.83
60 Months 0.99% 0% $17.09
72 Months  2.99%  0%  $15.19